Payment Card Antitrust Litigation and How it Affects Your Gutter Company

You may have received a claim form in the mail regarding a "payment card interchange settlement." Is it legit?
Dec 19 / Noah Lantz
There are a lot of topics we could cover in our first blog post. Topics like gutter sales strategies, a history of the RGA, or a pitch on why you should keep coming back to our blog - but we decided the best course of action was to provide immediate, tangible value to your gutter business. Specifically, a way to get a giant check owed to you by some big-wigs in New York.

We’re talking mailbox money; the kind you can get from cashing in on a lawsuit that’s been nearly two decades in the making.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not.

Have you been collecting payments using Visa or Mastercard? You’ve probably been overcharged over the years, and some brave lawyers have been kind enough to confront the big guys on our behalf.
A class action lawsuit, known as the Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation, was recently settled. This settlement aims to compensate merchants for overcharges related to the acceptance of Visa and Mastercard cards. If you have been collecting payments from Visa or Mastercard anytime between Jan 1st 2004 - Jan 25th, 2019, you are likely owed some money from this lawsuit.

How much money? Well, if you’ve been in business for several years, you may have thousands of dollars waiting for you. We talked to one gutter company that's expecting to get $10,000+ back (they've been in business for several decades).

Claim forms were mailed out December 1st - if you received a claim form, DON’T THROW IT AWAY! It wasn’t a phishing scam. That form is your way of being reimbursed for money you were overcharged. Think of it like an IRS refund, just waiting to be collected.


What was the lawsuit about?

The lawsuit involved allegations of antitrust violations by Visa, Mastercard, and their member banks, which were accused of charging excessive fees to merchants who accepted their cards. The settlement was reached after extensive litigation and negotiations, and it aims to compensate merchants for the alleged overcharges.

Why is this important to you?

By participating in the settlement, you have the chance to receive compensation for the potential financial impact these fees may have had on your business.

How can you collect money from the settlement?

To collect money from the settlement, you must file a valid claim. It is important to complete and submit the form you were mailed to ensure you receive any compensation you may be entitled to. This needs to be completed by May 31st, 2024.

I’ve been contacted by a number of attorneys or agencies to help me collect. Why should I do it myself?

Filing your claim is simple, and these third-parties will collect a (significant) percentage of your claim should you opt to use them. The RGA recommends doing it yourself. You’d have to provide the exact same information to the lawyers anyway.

I already threw my form away - am I “out of the money?”

No. You can submit a claim online with your tax identification number at

I’d like to learn more about this. Where do I go?

Copy and paste this URL into your browser to learn more:

Thanks for reading!
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