About Us

The Rain Gutter Association is dedicated to elevating our profession by establishing rigorous training, certifications, and standards for rain gutter installation.

As champions for industry advancement, we are committed to sharing best practices, tools, and pivotal information within our community, ensuring every drop of rain is managed with expertise and precision.

Our Mission

To empower the seamless gutter industry through education and innovation.

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History of the RGA

The Rain Gutter Association is the culmination of 30 years of industry development.


Tony Cobb starts All Gutter Systems (AGS). AGS Becomes one of the largest and longest running gutter companies in Michigan.


Tony launches Rain Gutter Consultants (RGC), to provide marketing and consulting services to rain gutter contractors.


Tony founds The National Rain Gutter Contractor's Association (NRGCA), under the RGC umbrella of companies.


Groups for gutter companies and installers start popping up on social media. This marks the development of a 'social infrastructure' in the gutter industry, priming the community for further development.


Bren VanderZwaag successfully launches Gutter-Con, the first annual conference for gutter companies and industry vendors.


The NRGCA relaunches as the Rain Gutter Association (the RGA), focusing on industry development, consumer education, and certifications for gutter installers and salespeople.

The RGA Team


Tony, the visionary behind our Rain Gutter Association, embarked on his journey in the home improvement industry in 1988 as a college student painting houses. He soon recognized a crucial need among his clients: expert rain gutter services. This insight led him to establish All Gutter Systems, which has since become Michigan's leading gutter company.

Tony was instrumental in founding the Rain Gutter Association and was driven by his extensive network of gutter contractors and his desire to elevate the industry's professional standards. Today, our association proudly offers installation and safety training to gutter contractors across the USA and Canada, steered by Tony's dedicated team in Grandville, MI.

With over three decades of experience, Tony has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and is affectionately known as the “Godfather of Gutters.”

Noah Lantz

Noah has worked in and around the gutter industry for four years, helping companies bring their sales processes into the digital age.

Noah has worked with several top tier application developers to create rain gutter industry specific sales and quoting systems.

Noah is an expert at copy writing, content creation, and is always looking for new and exciting ways to sell gutter systems.

When he’s not writing or networking, Noah is out paddle boarding and playing pickleball.

Ross Morgan

Ross has worked in the rain gutter industry since 2009, and has built over 200 websites for gutter contractors and home improvement companies.

Ross is an expert at rain gutter specific branding, marketing campaigns, and sales strategies.

Ross is also a musician and loves animals.

Dan Stevenson

Dan has extensive experience in both the manufacturing industry and the rain gutter industry.

Dan worked with Gutter Helmet from 2005-2008, before becoming the general manager at Under Deck Oasis - the premier under deck ceiling provider in the USA.

Dan is an expert on business administration, sales systems, product management, and is also a Salesforce virtuoso.

Dan loves spending time with his family and grandkids, and can occasionally be coxed into playing the banjo.
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